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Sanatçılar Arasında Yeni Trend, Instagramda Kendi Çalışmaları ile Çevrilmiş Fotoğrafları Paylaşmak

Instagram’da trendlerin sonu yok. En son paylaşımlarda sanatçılar yaptıkları eserleri kendi fotoğraflarının etrafına yerleştirerek instagramda paylaşıyor.

Eğer instagram uygulamasında çok fazla zaman geçiriyor ve biraz da sanata ilgi duyuyorsanız bu sanatçıları takip edebilirsiniz.


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#artvsartist2019 This is me, Elin. A Swedish fiberartist who’s in love with the embroidery medium for its “touchability”. When I rediscovered thread and needle in 2015 I had no idea of how I would be able to develop it (or that I could share it on Instagram for that matter haha…) But when @_charleshenry_ encouraged me to try to stitch my architectural drawings something Hit home. I was hooked on creating touchable drawings. . Suddenly I began to observe the world and places around me in a different light. I began to make up stories in my mind of what these places have seen and heard through history. And wherever we’ve travelled to in the past year I’ve always made sure to save a part of that place in an embroidered art piece. I must admit it’s quite cool to see a few of them assembled next to each other like this. . In our last podcast episode #37 with the lovely @kutovakika , we had an incredible discussion about creative identity. How to find your authentic creative voice in a world of continuous influence? It’s not until you start listening to yourself and understanding your own identity and story that you can create authentically. Why do you do what you do? Where does it come from? You can listen to the episode on Charles and Elin podcast on your favourite podcast platform – you don’t want to miss this one! 💖 . Architecture, history and art has always been a part of my life. Thus it’s with incredible joy that I now see so many of you discovering your surroundings with the help of our online Masterclasses in architectural embroidery and threadpainting. It’s only 3 days left until the cart closes for the Special Bundle Offer including the two courses and two bonus patterns (making it four patterns in total!). The courses teaches you architectural embroidery with the help of hands on practise on our designs, teaching you the whole process in practise. Im sure you’ll fall in love with it just like I did! And if you don’t then we offer a 30 day full refund, because your happiness is our priority. You find the offer through the link in my profile 💕

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#artvsartist2019 💕🙈 Hi guys! Sorry I didn’t took a new picture of myself but I’ve been so busy today with comissions and learning how to use the Cricut I got for my birthday 😂🙈💕 I cant stop! I think soon I will take better pictures 🙈💕 in the mean time here is my #artvsartist , I hope you like it even tho my hair is not magenta anymore 😂😂💕 Send you all a big hug!!😊😘💕 . . #meettheartist #superkawaii #kawaiiartist #kawaiicute #kawaiiart #pastelaesthetic #pastelcolors #cuteart #illustragram #illustagram #illustratorsoninstagram #swissartist #mexicanartist #procreateartist #procreateapp #ipadartist #ipadproartist #ipadart #ipadproart #cuteartwork #ilustradora #illustratorsofinstagram #illustrator #picame #daily_art #procreateapp #beckycas

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Looks like it's #artvsartist time again! …and here's me in the middle of some recent work. It looks like I'm finally finding my balance between bright and more sombre tones. Plus, I've noticed I like to draw animals for both editorial and childrens. Hello! 👋 @emmajayne_designs #emmajaynedesigns #designer #illustrators #artvsartist2019 #illustrations #illustrationart #illustrationartist #editorialartist #editorial #kidlitart #drawings #freelanceillustrator #artists #art_we_inspire #licensingartist #artlicensing #createeveryday #creativity #creativewomen #printpattern #printandpattern #womenwhopaint #digitalartist #digitalart #ocean #oceanlife #animalillustrations #illustrators

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